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body.piercing.saved.my.life [entries|friends|calendar]
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[02 Jan 2005|05:05pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow.. I haven't written in this for ... EVER..

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[04 Apr 2004|09:23pm]
I want someone to love me.

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[21 Mar 2004|09:16pm]
okay. im letting off major steam. please pray for me

Im honestly really sick of not being included. the only time that Chad acknowledged I was there, was when everyone else left. But he knew I was mad. Im sick and TIRED of feeling left out. Anywhere I go. School and Church Especially. Mabye people just dont like me for me... mabye i should change..

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[13 Mar 2004|10:49am]
Double cutaway guitar
15W modeling guitar amp
3 picks
Lesson book
Amp manual
Padded gig bag

ONLY 99.99 DOLLARS!!IM GOIN BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more, (and the picure of my black baby)

i should inform my dad about this once in a lifetime offer

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[12 Mar 2004|10:16pm]
tonight, I babysat Maddie and Traye from 5:30-9:45. They paid me way over, but he said that He really appreciates me and how much fun me and his kids have. I really like him and look up to him. he's a great christian, dad and pastor. I'm so glad that someone seems like they care, and they are praying for me. Especailly someone like that. That really makes me want to go to Kids Camp this year. I wasn't going to, but he definatley changed my mind about it. They paid me $40. thats alot. thats the most i've ever gotten through the record of babysitting. Well... this was short, but i have something called sleep i'd like to look at.


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[11 Mar 2004|09:20pm]
http://www.greatestjournal.com/~xoheatherzox/52021.html vote please! just leave a comment

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Things on my mind... [08 Mar 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So there was this new love intrest, that I was very interested in, but... I decided it would be better if he didnt have a girlfriend. You know, life can kinda suck sometimes. Lately, people have just been plain out making me mad. .....why not?Collapse ) Now, Kat is the only person I really feel wanted by. I mean, yes theres those I dont get to talk to much, but I'm sick of walking around with Melissa or any of my other "Friends" and my "friends" only say hi to her. Its kinda like people just leaving me out. Brandon makes me feel pretty good... because him and me can relate to alot.. Its people that i've felt like I've trusted... and could confide in, that really make me mad. Sometimes, I wish that I could go back in time, and make different decisions about things. Sometimes people just dont care how your hurting,a nd how you need help. Well... I'm off..

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What if forever... Acutally meant forever. [07 Mar 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So i was reading through old Livejournals and such.. and i Found this:

Yeah i am madly in love with heather and i never have felt this was about any girl before. she is everything that a girl should be but a whole lot more. She is so giving and caring for others. She is truthful and trust worthy. like her x-boyfriend called her and asked her if when me and her break up that she would consider going out with him again but i am proud of her because she has set standards for the guys in her life and if they don't meet those standards she will not go out with them. i just feel like she is so mature for her age and she is a great christian. I LOVE YOU HEATHER AND I WILL FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!! GTG TO BED NIGHTY NIGHT DON'T LET THE BED BUFS BITE!!

So... Whatever happend to forever?

I dont think i've lost the forever part....

(Love Me)

[17 Feb 2004|09:06pm]
Everyone pray for Mel Gibson!

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[17 Feb 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Yeah, so I havent updated livejournal in a really long time. I've done my greatest journal.. but not this one. So, I had a boyfriend, but we broke up because that's a long story. I think I'm starting to like Brandon again. I pray about my future husband every day, and God always brings me back to him. I don't know why or anything, I guess God will reveal that to me later! I am getting back on track with my quiet times and stuff.. I was kinda slackin off... But anyways, I am really kinda feeling left out at church. Probably just becaue everyone else is going to Romania and everything. But, Melissa is different around me, shes acting like she never wants to hang out anymore or anything. She's changed too. Right now, I really don't see anyone I talk to during the day my friends. Except for brandon, and Genna. But other than that, I feel that I'm left out of church stuff, and all my friends do things without me. Guard people are so much more fun than other people. We have long practices, but i still have way more fun at practice than i have hanging out with my "friends". I wish that I would be more accepted at HHBC. Jenny is really getting on my nerves, because she's being pretty rude to me about things. It's just like.. ARGH... she tells me everything I'm doing wrong in my life, and making it seem like shes perfect, which we know noone is. It just makes me upset.

... click here!...Collapse )

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[09 Jan 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | sore ]

First.. I want to say I'm really sorry I never make a "Real" update.. Guard keeps me so busy, but anyways.

1st Block We had to practice our Monologues, then i performed one of mine. Im doing ones I did in 7th and 8th grade because Ms. Martinez selection sucks. She got teacher of the year. No offence, but I don't know how. noone likes her much... But while i was "Practicing" I was in Practice room 2 with Jon, Abby, and Kally. It was fun. We just talked.

2nd Block Photography. I had to develop today, and I had to do 2 rolls, and she wouldnt let me go when my group went the first time, so I developed two of them. but I got really mad at her, because she blamed us being late because of me and i was done rolling + Developing w/ D-76. But I couldnt leave the room because you cant let light touch it. I dont like Mrs. Herman. I definatley won't be taking another journalism class again, unfortunatley, because I really like journalism.

3rd Block We had a group for labs, and i was in one with Casey and Lilly. It was fun... but I still dont like Mr. Oliver. That class is so boring, because its physical science, and i took that last year, but I didnt want to take chemistry.. and thats a long story.

Lunch It was hallarious, Rajiv wrote me another note and Poem... You really need to read them. They are hallarious, you might not get it, but he's a stalker. and.. if you want to hear the voice, i'll have to call you or something.. its really.. like.. Foreighn. Its funny. click here for poem and a leddahCollapse )

4th Block Honors English. We did research in the library, except, Brandon and I just hung out for an hour and a half bc everyone was on a computer, and the books are useless, so ... it sucks. I have to finish two thingies by Monday, fun huh? I don't really understand them either.

After school:Came home really fast, changed, went to sonic and got a cherry limeade. Went to Hefner to practice for guard, because there was a basketball tournament at PCN.. We got alot done though. My muscles, bones, joints, hurt. So bad. I was standing and dancing for 6 hours. 6 With 2 Breaks. Its crazy.

PLEASE... Even though I don't like my aunts boyfriend... please, pray for him. He was riding his motorcycle today and got in a very big wreck. We know he was flown into a hospital this afternoon, but thats all we know. It is very serious at this point. We dont know if he was wearing a helmet, or if he will live for another week. Please, pray for him.

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please? [08 Jan 2004|05:31pm]
Okay.... here are choices, and i NEED you to vote, please..

Choices...Collapse )

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[27 Dec 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Last Night with Melissa was soooo much fun! We had a Pickle Eating Contest, and then we showed ray Our pics! I'll put them in here... Oh my gosh, they are crazy! Well Last night, Melissa and I were talking to Ray.. and he said he was playing pool with Steven Nelson... Who is Incredibly hott. okay so i was like.. NO WAY.. and Ray told Steven that Melissa and I thought he was hott. I don't care, but it's weird that he is talking to me online now, I Haven't talked to him in forever. haha. We talked to Chris Last night on the phone too... We were trying to prank call people, but instead of pushing *67 I pushed *76 and he called back and said, "You know, im not as stupid as i used to be!!" so we talked and stuff... then melissa and I are into this contest thing right now... Brownies, Pizza, Pickes, Pickle Juice, Chips, and Enchilidas! So we had contests of who could eat the quikest (these were all different days though... (We aren't THAT big of pigs!) Im starting my diet this afternoon, so i can fit in my dress. Lol.. I dont think I posted about that, they canceleld our formal because of SNOW! isnt that Crazy? Okay, so I'm going to go...

Much Love,

Crazy Pictures!Collapse )

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[26 Dec 2003|07:21pm]
I havent showed you all what Lacey has looked like in about 5 Months... So here's the Monster herself...

clickCollapse )

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[25 Dec 2003|10:09pm]
Check out my new Converse (Or chucks, whatever you wanna call 'em)

Gone like yesterday is GoneCollapse )

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[23 Dec 2003|12:14am]
you are invited to...Collapse )

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[12 Dec 2003|07:27pm]

give staryskies more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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[10 Dec 2003|10:00pm]
Well, I found out last night after the game that a guy named Brian Nicholson (sp?) attempted to commit suicide. It really hit me hard, even though i didnt know him, ya know? Today when i got to school, we had an emergency panther time meeting. Then after Panther time, I was walking down the hall, and it was dead silence. Noone was talking, everyone walking in groups, crying. Its so sad to think that someone killed themselves, and so many people cared about them. God really laid on my heart witnessing toinight. Right now, I have a completely open door. I know, i didnt know Brian or anything, but just being there today, made me feel like it was all my fault. I know without a doubt, it wasnt. I just... i dont know. But i dont even know him, and everytime I see someone cry about it, I cry.

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[06 Dec 2003|09:04pm]
tonight was the best night EVER!!! I saw chris in sears, and he looked me dead in the eye, but kept walking. so i was walking around the mall telling everyone how much i hated him. then I ran into Megan, Katie, and Jon. I told them, then we found him, and they went up to him and was like, "I KNOW YOU!" and then they said, "Im megan from Elem. School... do you remember heather? then he stood up really fast and goes, "HEATHER HUGHES?!" and then he was like, WHERE IS SHE?! he came over... i got his number, he got mine. today is great. no more sorrows for me.


(Love Me)

[06 Dec 2003|08:51am]

Im so glad!! =)

I've been in love with him since forever.

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